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Sun City Center Medicaid Planning Lawyer

An important part of comprehensive estate planning is careful consideration of possible or probable future health care needs. While many people live active, vigorous lives to the end, many others end up needing care in a facility or in their homes in their later years.

If you reach a time of life when you can no longer care for yourself and need to live in a long-term care facility or receive in-home assistance for daily living, the cost factor is an enormous consideration.

  • Privately-paid long-term care is prohibitively expensive for many people, costing up to $5,000 or $6,000 per month. Many people do not have vast savings that would cover such costs for very long.
  • Few people have long-term care insurance policies, and if they do, these policies may not pay out enough per day to cover the expense of a nursing home or in-home care and assistance.
  • Many people expect that government programs, namely Medicare and/or Medicaid, will be a resource if and when the time comes to live in a long-term care facility. In fact, Medicare will only pay for the first 100 days of care, and then only if you are in a long-term care facility to receive skilled care. This leaves Medicaid as an option that many people pursue.

The law is quite clear about who is entitled to receive Medicaid assistance and under what conditions. Anticipating and planning for this possibility well in advance of the need for it allows you to develop appropriate financial strategies. For best results, talk to a lawyer about how to use your assets and position yourself for a possible time when you may be looking to Medicaid as a solution. I am Dale S. Brewster of the Law Office of Dale S. Brewster, and I welcome you to our law firm to discuss Medicaid planning or other legal concerns.

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What makes the Law Office of Dale S. Brewster stand out among the many Florida law firms that advertise their Medicaid planning services? Here are a few answers:

  • If you are local to Sun City Center or nearby in the Tampa Bay area, our location will be convenient for you. You will have ample opportunity for quality face time with your Sun City Center Medicaid planning attorney at the Law Office of Dale S. Brewster.
  • This law firm does not charge huge retainers or sell package deals. Rather, we charge by the hour, with the goal of working efficiently only on the services that you need, with no padding or unessential services included in your billing.
  • For many of our clients, Medicaid planning consists of a few simple strategies that can be determined and laid out in a short amount of time, depending on your unique financial and family circumstances. I do not bill you large sums for the magic sound of the words “Medicaid planning,” but instead, only charge for services actually performed. This usually means evaluating your income and assets, explaining how the law is likely to apply in your case, and helping you devise strategies to prepare yourself financially for possible future application for Medicaid benefits. Medicaid planning is not a lengthy or complicated process for most people.

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